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This February my wife and I went to visit my family in Arkansas. It was the first time my Little Rock family had an opportunity to meet my wife and it was over the long Valentines day weekend. Normally I would just stay with my Aunt “B” in her spare bedroom but this time the spare bedroom wasn’t available. So we got creative, we wanted to stay close enough to be there quickly but not so close they felt like we were on top of them. So we searched in and found a couple options between Benton and Little Rock. It was cheaper than a hotel, included breakfast (read frugal) and had amazing views of Lake Norrell (read Amazing).

Cindee and her husband were great hosts. They made us feel so welcome, catered to our dietary needs but best of all we were refreshed and relaxed which made our visit with our family wonderful

Balcony View From the Upstairs Master Bedroom

Little Rock Getaway!

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Stunning Balcony Room King Bed on Lake Norrell B&B

Finding Hidden Gems Is The Key

The Stay Is Even Better If You Love Dogs!

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